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Welcome to Delighted Psychiatry and Wellness Care, where your journey to better mental health is our utmost priority.

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Laeticia. S Surfer

Would 100% recommend! Very sweet and friendly provider. Made me feel very comfortable and understood!

Sonia W Actress

I had a great experience. Great communicator and very knowledgeable. One can definitely tell that she cares about her patients and loves what she does!

Valaria, L Businessman

I was impressed with the provider. I did not feel rushed. She allowed me to express myself and I felt understood at the end. It definitely was not a waste of money or time!

Our Approach

Tailored, Compassionate Care

1. Initial Evaluation - Your Journey Begins Here

Your first visit is all about YOU. We dive deep into your experiences, concerns, symptoms, and medical history to comprehensively understand your situation. We diagnose and, together, explore many treatment options tailored to fit your life.

2. Personalized Follow-up Appointments - A Step Further in Your Journey

We value continuity in care. Our follow-ups are centered around you - your current symptoms, experiences, and the effectiveness of your medications. This ongoing dialogue ensures your treatment is always aligned with your evolving needs.

3. Customized Follow-up Schedule - Your Roadmap to Wellness

Together, we design a follow-up schedule that best suits your needs. Regular appointments enable us to monitor your progress, provide support, and adjust treatment strategies.

Our approach Info

Initial Evaluation

T_ime will be spent collecting comprehensive information about the patient’s current concerns, symptoms, medical history, family history, and social background. We will then diagnose and discuss various treatment options

Follow Up Appointments

Time will be spent inquiring about your current symptoms and how you have been experiencing them since the last appointment. If taking medication, we will review its effectiveness and any side effects experienced.

Follow-up Schedule

Both the provider and the patient will determine the appropriate frequency of future appointments to ensure adequate monitoring, support, and adjustment of treatment as needed.

Book An Appointment Now

My job is to help you overcome the obstacles in your life so you can do just that. I’m excited to hear from you. Contact me to schedule a free 15-minute consultation to get started.


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