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Meet Your Guide: Amina

A dedicated, ANCC Board-Certified mental health practitioner, Amina is your primary caregiver in this journey. Armed with a wealth of knowledge from the University of South Alabama and backed by a decade-long experience in psychiatric nursing, Amina is your go-to guide for mental health care.

More than her accolades, she is a compassionate practitioner with a knack for understanding YOU. Amina’s approach transcends conventional care, embodying a blend of evidence-based guidelines, clinical experience, and keen personal observations.

This makes her an expert in psychopharmacology, an ally in your pursuit of wellness, and a mentor you can count on.

As your mental health advocate, Amina’s mission is to democratize access to psychiatric care, empower you in your healing journey, and foster an environment where you can reach your wellness goals and be your best.

Our Approach

Tailored, Compassionate Care

1. Initial Evaluation - Your Journey Begins Here

Your first visit is all about YOU. We dive deep into your experiences, concerns, symptoms, and medical history to comprehensively understand your situation. We diagnose and, together, explore many treatment options tailored to fit your life.

2. Personalized Follow-up Appointments - A Step Further in Your Journey

We value continuity in care. Our follow-ups are centered around you - your current symptoms, experiences, and the effectiveness of your medications. This ongoing dialogue ensures your treatment is always aligned with your evolving needs.

3. Customized Follow-up Schedule - Your Roadmap to Wellness

Together, we design a follow-up schedule that best suits your needs. Regular appointments enable us to monitor your progress, provide support, and adjust treatment strategies.

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